Patient Testimonial: Christie's Story

From the time I was married in 1999, I began putting on weight, and due to a metabolic disorder that I developed and various medications I was given, my weight grew very quickly. By November 2015, I weighed 382 pounds, and I did not want to reach 400. After visiting a new doctor who recommended the Crestwood Bariatric Program, I attended a seminar with my husband, and I am thankful for it every day. Attending that seminar was the step that sent me down the path toward a new life.

I chose Alabama Surgical Associates and Dr. Todd Foreman because of the program they had in place which included a full-time dietitian on staff. My insurance required 6 months of a medically-documented diet program, so I took advantage of the time. Working with the dietitian, I was able to lose 58 pounds before my surgery on June 6, 2016. There are not enough words for me to convey the awesome impact that working with a dietitian had on my life. I was able to make huge lifestyle changes before surgery even happened. Dr. Foreman is an amazing surgeon. He and the bariatric team at Crestwood Hospital gave me the support I needed during my time there. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the nursing staff was in making my stay there as comfortable as possible. They also helped prepare me for my journey moving forward and set me up for great success.

Since June 6, 2016, I have lost 128 pounds bringing my current total weight loss to 186 pounds. I have already achieved so many goals and look forward to achieving many more. I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of my husband, my family, and the staff at Alabama Surgical Associates and the Crestwood Bariatric Program. Life-changing is the only adjective to come close in describing my experience. I truly have a brand new life.

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